Disc Golf Adventure 2 VR

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発売日 : 2021/03/14

Please Note: VR headset and controllers required. Works with most SteamVR compatible headsets and controllers (results vary based on tracking capabilities) Game Features: Multiple Unique Courses:Six unique 18 hole courses, with two sets of teepads eachOnline Multiplayer:Up to 4 player online play!Custom Course Creator:Build and edit your own courses for infinite possibilities!Throw Adjuster:Change the release angles of the disc based on your particular preferences and VR equipment.Disc Customizations:Over 1 Million unique disc combinations possible!Realistic Disc Flights:Throw a backhand, forehand, hyzer, anhyzer, flex shot, or whatever else suits you. Disc Flight Ratings:64 unique discs to choose from, each with unique flight ratings that actually affect the flight of the discs! Leaderboards:Compare your stats to others around the world! Compete for the top scores on each course, the longest throw, and more.Career Progression and Unlockables:Earn XP and complete course objectives to unlock new discs, colors, stamps, and flight trails, expand the number of disc slots in your bag, and increase your backhand and forehand throwing power.Discord Link:Feel free to join our Discord server to talk about both DGA and DGA2, offer feedback/suggestions, or find fellow disc golfers looking to play some online games.https://discord.gg/49U2qxkuWw