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発売日 : 2021/04/16

Become one with your rocket skatesImagine having a rocket booster strapped to your hands and a hot pair of roller skates on your feed. There is a mountain road in front of you and all you can think about is racing downhills with rocket power.The premise might be simple but the fun is guaranteed.Let’s mix it upIf just racing downhills with rocket power is not enough for you you can try one of many different game modes that will mix upthe experience. Here are a couple of examples:Time to RageA rocket booster on one hand and a baseball bat in the other is all you need to destroy any target that comes your way.You are the destruction!Aim and ShootA rocket booster on one hand and a gun in the other - I mean what else would a crazy rocket guy bring to a mountain rally? Be ready to aim and shoot! Rocket RushWhat could be more awesome than rockets? Right, more rocket! Because double the speed makes up for twice the fun!