Paper Birds: Part I

  • Oculus Quest

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発売日 : 2020/12/11

This is the opening act of the story of the Paper Birds, a 20 minute experience that will transport you to the invisible world of intuition and creativity: The source of inspiration for all musicians.

Toto, a child with an exceptional talent for music, must find his way through the darkness to bring back his sister, taken away by the great shadow. Follow him as you step into a miniature toy-like town to confront his grandfather and reveal the truth about the mystery of the Paper Birds.

This is neither a movie nor a video game. Paper Birds combines narrative storytelling with light interactivity. Using your hands through the hand tracking feature, you’ll paint light over sound and open portals to the mystical land of darkness.

Starring Archie Yates from “Jojo Rabbit” and the upcoming revival of “Home Alone,” this experience is brought to you by the creators of Gloomy Eyes.

The second and closing act will be available mid 2021.