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発売日 : 2022/01/12

This is a virtual multivariate VR world where you can choose your own roles, equipment, cold or hot weapons to take risks with your small partners.

You can go to the battle of the end of the day. Can you find a portal home from this dead end?

You can also join the battle to guard the core of your home, where the monster kingdom is dispatching troops to attack the core of the game and is recruiting displays to guard it.

You can do nothing but go to the beach and have a chat.

Normal difficulty is suitable for normal games. With advanced weapons, you can challenge nightmare difficulty and get more game currency. I will also update the game maps and play methods as soon as possible, so that you can have a more diverse experience.

The game is designed in an infinite flow of ideas, with a variety of combat-style weapons, maps, and tasks. The game has a rigorous death mechanism. If you die, your character will be reset and all your previously earned game currency will be lost, so be sure to protect yourself outside the game. If you can't hold on to the game, you can send it home at any time through the main menu in your hand.